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small plane reported missing. faa says the single engine aircraft depart from half moon bay shortly before six this evening. it was headed to madrona a regional airport in tucson, arizona but never arrived. right now the faa is urging law enforcement agencies throughout california to be on the look out for this missing plane. we'll bring you any updates on the developing story as soon as we get them in. well there is some other developing news tonight. all south bound lanes of highway 101 out of san francisco are blocked. there's an injury accident. here's the situation on a lot of people getting stuck. who were at baseball game at the park where the giants won against the cardinals. >> here's the 1-2. launched into right. back at the track. giants take the lead. >> that was the start of a very good night in game 2 of the national league championship series. sports director larry is here with the details on
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this is exactly what we needed to even the series up. >> last night belonged to the cardinals and tonight the giants. they found themselves down 6 nothing to st. louis last night. scored first tonight. got a terrific start from ryan and series tied at 1-1. fans talking about this for the rest of the steers. matt taking on marco on hard fly to second base trying to break up a double play. if you slide into second base that's fine but look where holiday initiates the play. 3 feet past second bay before he even goes to the ground. you don't do that. there is a difference between hard baseball and clean baseball. i don't think his intention was to injure marco but he came back later in the fourth with bases lded. single and holiday miss played it. left the game later on. injury to his left hip. the giants can go on to win the game 7-1 and even the series but the physical condition at this point is unclear. here's the skipper. >> he had x-rays. they were negative. he was pretty soar
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there. had to come out of the game and we'll do some more test tomorrow and see where he's at. we are hoping for the best. i can answer it better tomorrow once we evaluate it. >>reporter: marco has been huge for the giants since they acquired him in the middle of the season this would be just enormous loss for them if unable to go. next 3 games of the series will be in st. loui louis. so travel day. have to see how the x-rays show and mri and the amount of physical pain he's in. >> good point. that was past base. >> way past. >> thanks very much. >> so here's the championship series schedule for the next 3 games. game 3 in st. louis on wednesday at 1:07:00 p.m. pacific time. game 4 unless st. louis this thursday at 5:07 pacific time and same thing for game 5 in st. louis again 5:07 the start time this friday. moving on. commissioners at the port of oakland held a rare close door emergency session
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tonight. this meeting was about this man maritime director james kwan. why? well he's accused of spending 4500 dollars on public money at strip club in houston, texas. that was in 2008. the board didn't discover where the money was spent until audit of port expenses. he treat add dozen shipping executives apparently to drinks and dinner at treasures club. there's a shot of the of strip joint. commissioners didn't know the specific because he submitted the bill saying it was at the parent company for the strip joint. apparently the court was having other issues with expense accounts as well. >> the port of oakland has been taking action for several years to strengthen our expense reimbursement policy to prevent potential misuse of port fund. it has come to our attention a specific expense that dates back 4 years to 2008. nevertheless we are taking this matter very seriously. >>reporter: board has decided to hire an independent attorney to look into the matter. by the way james kwan is out of
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the country attending a conference in china. in san francisco tonight streetcar passenger was rushed to the hospital following an accident on the embarcadero streetcar collided with a muni trolley at washington street. 2 children in the car were not hurt. important new sign tonight that the bay area economy is improving. median price of the house sold in the 9 county area last morose to 4 29,000 dollars up 4.6 percent from august and 17.5 percent from last year. contra costa county numbers were especially strong. price there is are up 27 percent. san francisco praises up 21 percent. all pretty good news. t laura anthony is on the story. >>reporter: the tangled web that is the bay area real estate market is finally unwin unwinding. for those who have been waiting for home praises to inch back up. with the median home praise in alameda county now topping 3 79,000
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dollars realtor tracy says the market is finally picking up. especially for sellers. >> it's very exciting for the sellers after so many years of them watching their property values go down. >>reporter: prices increased because i hope convenienttory is so slow, low. at the same time interest rates remain quite low and there are multiple offers. >> the reason why there is so much competition right now. >>reporter: a mortgage broker in oakland district. >> you could buy a house now for 20 percent less even with the prison rise a few years ago with rates being so low it only takes about 30 percent less income to qualify for that same property now as it did before e-not only the higher price is good for those in the bay area trying to sell their homes, they are also good for those trying to refinance. >> my appraisal came in today actually. >>reporter: he bought his home in oakland district 3 years ago. he's lacking to refinance
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and was pleasantly surprised with the latest appraisal. >> it's up about 27 percent since i bought the house 3 and a half years ago and up 21 percent since the last retie i did only 12 months ago. which is fantastic. >>reporter: much of the price increase in the bay area attributed to a change in the mix of homes being sold. fewer foreclosure and short sales and many more at the high end. this is abc 7 news. >> stunning admission from secretary of state hillary clinton tonight. she now says she takes full responsibility for security breakdowns that proceeded the deadly assault at the consulate in benghazi libya last month. ambassador christopher stevens and 3 other americans died in the attack. secretary clinton said during an interview with cnn that the buck stops with her when it comes to taking the blaim attack has become a lightning rod in the presidential campaign. secretary clinton however says president obama and vice president joe biden are not involved in security decisions of this nature.
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>> public memorial forum ambassador stevens held tomorrow in the rotunda at san francisco city hawchlt take place at 4:30. senator feinstein and libya ambassador to the yous are expected to attend. stevens grew up in piedmont and graduate from uc berkeley and hastings school of law. that's why the memorial held here. those ties to our area. >> the state public utility commission has named a man as republic you twaition peace make tore celts talk over the san bruno pipeline explosion. former senator mitchell of maine who won the nobel peace prize for brokering a 1998 peace treaty in northern ireland has been appointed to mediate talk was pg&e. he will oversee talk between the utility and the public utility commission. city of san francisco and san bruno and turn that's a local consumer group. they have been unable to reach an agreement on how much pg&e should pay for its negligence san bruno and whether stockholders or rate payers should foot the bill.
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turn raised an objection to mitchell selection in the role calling it a back room deal. and that everyone should have had a role in picking a mediator. >> well more to come tonight on busy evening. former oakland raider finds himself in court accused of murdering 4 men. we have more on that story coming up. >> plus the 49ers may moving to santa clara but san francisco will still get the glory. tonight the city submits a bid for the superbowl. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. are you ready for temperatures in the 90's again? you won't have long to wait. i'll show you where in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks spencer. >> also the new hoop palace in the works. still ahead the warriors show off their warriors show off their
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>> back to the braking news we started with at the top tonigh tonight. that ace real mess on 101 heading south out of san francisco. as you can see from the pictures live pictures just a ribbon of taillights there. there has been some sort of an accident. we know that there are injuries. and this is on 101 south. all south bound lanes of 101 are blocked. a happened at about 8:45 roughly about the time a lot of people were trying to leave the giants
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game tonight at at&t park against the cardinals. so again just a real mess as they try to sort this out. treat those injured on 101 south. traffic backed up fairly significantly. we'll keep you updated. >> well judge in los angeles says former oakland raider must stand trial on charges that he kidnapped and murdered 4 men. authorities say the killings came in a 9 year span starting the year after anthony smith nfl career came to an in. killings include 2 brothers found shot to death. bodies dumped about 8 miles apart. after kidnapped from a los angeles car wash. another man was found stabbed to death in a rental car and fourth was a mechanic he had a business dispute with who was killed and dumped along a highway. smith played defensive end for the oakland los angeles raiders between 1991 and 1998. he's immediateed not guilty to all of the charges against him. san francisco city leaders expect to hear from the national football league by tomorrow about whether city is at least in the running to host
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the superbowl. game would be played at the new stadium in santa clara. seems like san francisco would still get much of the glory here. story tonight from carolyn tyler. >>reporter: santa clara is building the stadium. but looks like san francisco is running the show when it comes to trying to persuade the nfl to award a superbowl. in 2016 or 17. >> would he like to make this superbowl possibility very, very unique for the city but i'm going to kind of restrain from all the ideas right now because we have to get the nod from the nfl first. >>reporter: just lick the team itself, san francisco will be competing against other nfl franchises. because the league like shiney new stadium and point up millions to santa clara 1.2 billion dollar facility, this venue might be on the short list. as the host city san francisco hotels, restaurants and tourist hot spots would be filled.
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>> we know that in cities like new orleans and new york and others who have hosted superbowls, they meet something in between 300 to 500 million dollars in economic impact for the whole region fichlt san francisco becomes the host city where does that leave santa clara? >> remember no matter where you are and where you party you come to santa clara to play. >>reporter: santa clara mayor matthews has been in talk was his san francisco counter part about the superbowl bid and says it's a collaborative approach that will pay off for his city as well. >> remember when the if team came to san francisco in the 80's. wasn't played in san francisco it was played in stanford. keep things in perspective. this is bay area thing. >>reporter: he says santa clara will be the epi-center even though the 49ers ceo made it clear san francisco is the team home. >> san francisco is san francisco. that's where niners came from and everything. so we have a right to party over there and we have a right to party over here time. i don't care about the glory doesn't
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bother me so much. the money does. spend the money down here. >> if san francisco awarded the 2016 game that would really be significant. that superbowl 50 in santa clara, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> all right now let's talk about the future of basketball in the bay area. golden state warriors showing off the future home away from oakland. today the team unveiled the concept design of new arena built on the san francisco waterfront. jump the basement architect place the 17,000 seat arena far away from the sidewalk to preserve use of the bay. goes up where a parking lot now sits at pier 30 and 32. real estate you are looking at. arena pier will have dock for boat and kayak. the design of the building is not finalize yet but it will have as you can see here a very snazzy future looking glass exterior. team plans to be playing there in 5 years. >> well this thursday is forty-niner game day here on abc 7. at 4, 49ers legend raze
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andc 7 news presents the 49ers pre-game show followed at 5 by the 49ers taking on seattle seahawks at can system park on a abc 7. after that jerry and brent stick around for special edition of after the game. we are all exited about it. tune in for details. >> it will be exciting. >> spencer is here. sounds like baseball weather. >> it's going to be very warm. thursday evening. baseball weather is right but maybe it will help the niners bounce back from yesterday. here's live view from the high definition east bay camera in emeryville looking at at&t park where the giants had a big win over the cardinals. clear skies and mild conditions at live doppler 7 hd. you can see we still have some fog forming offshore and just a little patch of it along the peninsula coast line but most of the coast line is clear right now as are all i know land location an it's still pretty mild out there. 64 degrees right now in
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san francisco. 63 in half map bay. 66 across the bay in oakland. 73 at santa rosa and 70's in the inland east bay. concord 75 antioch. on we good to our forecast feature fog will return to the coast tonight. may a little slow getting there but on its way. mild to warm again tomorrow and warm to hot on wednesday and thursday. here's what is happening in the atmosphere satellite image shows expanding ridge of high pressure that is dominant feature in our weather picture at the moment. high pressure will continue to dm nature our weather picture but center of pressure shift a little bit start the forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight over the next 24 to 40 hours 24 to 36 hours actually we'll see a big center of high pressure settling in to the north with clockwise circulation gives us offshore flow of warm dry whipped. we are really going to heat up within land location seeing high in the 90's wednesday thursday. however with the heat warm-up and the dry air there is increase fire richblingt we'll keep watching
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that for you. back to the low pressure with the fog pushing up against the coast line. mild overnight low in the upper 50's to low 60's across the bay area. then tomorrow warming continues and hay mainly low 80's. 80 at cupertino san jos jose. 82 campbell. on the planes high in the mid upper 70's. 78 at red wad city. palo alto and mountain view and mid upper 60's on the coast at half moon bay at pacifica. downtown san francisco 73 degrees tomorrow, 68 in the sun set district. 68 in the sun set district in the summer time usually. north bay we see lots of mid 80's. 84 clover dale. 85 santa rosa. 80 for sonoma and nap a.east bay high of 78. oakland 79. castro valley fremont 78 at union city. inland east bay warm being up to 85 concord and livermore. 86 at fairfield brentwood. 87 at antioch. down near monterey high of 70 at monterey. 79 watsonville. 81 at santa cruz and mid 80's inland at gilroy
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and holster. 7 day forecast wednesday thursday inland high at or before 90 degrees. mid upper 80's around the bay. mid upper 70's on the coast. just remarkable. then we have a little bit of a cooling trend beginning at the end of the week. by the way just want to play thursday evening at home in mild baseball type weather. it's going to be lovely. >> thank you. >> any of that would be a good night to beat the seahawks especially thursday. >> thanks very much. >> coming up next. tow truck text alert. early warning system for when your car is about to be hauled away. plus the yellow pages phone book despite decline and more book despite decline and more stories with it
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>> all right we have some new information now on the closure of all south bound lanes of 101 just south of san francisco. there are several cars involved in the accident. you are lacking at live picture. bottom of the screen right next to the graphic you see a ribbon of lights. that's the backed up 101 freeway. dispatch we are the highway patrol says a woman who called in to report the crash may pregnant. we understand she has not suffered major injuries. thank goodness we show you on our ways app what you can down load for free if you wish. it gives you real time traffic information. what's going on. we think this accident happen at caesar chavez that exit from the freeway and as you can see the bright red area is where it's backed up and inching along south bound lanes closeded. you can according to highway patrol take 280 as detour. south bound lanes closed after accident involving several cars and we understand some
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injuries. we'll keep you updated. all right. manufacturing on. health officials say people may more people may at risk from contaminated drugs made bay specialty pharmacy linked to meningitis outbreak. it's linked to pharmaceutical made by drug lab in massachusetts. fda says drugs made by the lab may have caused other infections in patients who had eye operation or open heart surgery. men jaits outbreak killed 15 people and sick ep 214 chld. >> sint nishingt court of appeals in san francisco says the yellow pages are protected by the first amendment. 2010 seattle told her she had to pay for a fee she distributeed to could have the city cost of operating the registry. city claims that phone book generated 1300 tons of waste a year and cost the city 200,000 dollars to dispose of. publishers said the fee stepped
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on the free speech rights and after winding its which through the courts justices in san francisco ultimately agreed. actor ben affleck hit a parked car in santa monica clipping the car's mirror. oops. he left a note apologizing and promised to take care of it. very nice of him to do the right thing. >> if you have ever found a note or otherwise, note of any kind on your car you want to hear this story. group of young gear head in san francisco has come up with a more civilize wayp jaws note to tell your neighbors about their imperfect parking jobs. it seems to be catching on. tl jonathan explains how this whether he will thing works. >> on the narrow streets of san francisco l drivers park bumper to bumper while dodging street xling signs blue zone red zone yellow zone. >> you have to have a sense of humor to own a car in this town. >>reporter: why. >> it's a challenge to drive. to park. to keep your cool. >>reporter: when neighbors lose their cool that's when amy
9:26 pm
says she starts finding nasty notes on her windshield. >> next time you park please make sure you are not blocking my driveway. >>reporter: were you blocking the driveway. >> i was not. any idiot could have gotten out of that garage. >>reporter: internet littered with pictures of passive aggressive parking notes ranging from sarcastic to object scene. these are the nice neighbors. not so nice ones might call the parking patrol. >> a lot of people have one of these a sign you put up that says please done tell about me just give me a call. >>reporter: amy has something else on the car. a little round sticker to the license plate. in fact if you walk down the avenue you will see dozens of considers now supporting the tiny logo for neighbors. >> punch in the license plate number and you can send a short message to the car owner. it's a free service created bay trio of enterprising neighbors. >> we were trying to solve the problem. how do you communicate someone you don't
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know and you know the car is from and we reach them. >>rerter: we this is actual lay bit old fashion oned no app to down load. you interact with the service by sending text message. >> week ago that actually the first neighbor to neighbor curb text and let them necessity they were about to get texted. >> they are giving away the sticker at local coffee shop hoping neighbors start looking out for each other instead of writing nasty notes. this is abc 7 news. more to come here tonight. hours are long and pay can't begin to match the need but there are hundreds of job option in the east bay. we have this story ahead. plus children learning a foreign language. they say probably mandarin but there are questions tonight about who is footing the bill. [ screaming] tm blood curdling scream. best city in the country even the best neighborhood to go
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trick-or-treating in. turns trick-or-treating in. turns out you won't have to go very
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>> talk about the voice. vote for a moment. there is a new hotline to report voter fraud in san francisco. san francisco district attorney set it up after gettingxd complaints in last year race for mayor. the hotline nurm is here on the screen. hotline will be available in english spanish can't niece and mandarin. post the number on our web site under see it on tv. here's the number. it's on our web site as well. >> election officials in cocoa and alameda county are in entire need of bilingual poll
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workers. hundreds of them. california secretary of state want non-english voters receiving help. if you speak chinese as well as taking along. >> race for president take as step forward tomorrow. mitt romney and president obama will hold their second debate in new york a.lot of people paying close attention to this of course. abc will carry it live tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock. you can see it on abc 7. >> more and more schools are teaching mandarin of by teachers paid for by the chinese government. dan harris as has this all right on new curriculum in many schools. >>reporter: it is completely adorable to see a room full of kindergartners in this struggling school district in georgia getting the opportunity to learn mandarin, chinese.
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how do you say hello in chinese can you count to 5 in chinese. >> er 5 but language featureer are expensive how did this poor district make this happen? here's a catch. they are partnering with the chinese government. specifically agency called the confucius institute whose mission is improve china im am abroad. chinese train the teachers and pay half of their salary. this is not just happening in georgia. according to the chinese government they have set up shop at 75 university around america and at nearly 300 primary middle schools. superintendent here assured 93 his american teachers are always in the room with the chinese instructor but there was something he didn't know. >> let me show you something. i'd be interested to see if this mets your standard. >>reporter: the video on my
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phone is a cartoon from the 4 kid section of the confucius web site that renames the korean war the war to resist u.s. aggression and aid korea the pulled the video from the web site. >> wha tell you we are very much in charm of the curriculum that is delivered in our classroom. >>reporter: can you be sure they are not showing video like this to your kid. >> we have all the curriculum they are delivering. >>reporter: they run by you. >> correct. >>reporter: t not worry you that they make a video like this at all. >> i don't get into politic. i'm an educator. here to educate our kids. >>reporter: critic some pop china expert and conservative in congress say what starts as a simple language program can end up as a stealth p.r. campaign for a communist government with terrible human rights record. >> you didn't want other countries propaganda your children. >>reporter: we sent our beijing correspondent gloria to the headquarters of the
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institute there to get a response but she was turned away. the the institute does have many prominent defender including school officials from north carolina to minnesota to college board even the u.s. state department. but here in georgia a small group of parents are vocal critic. mandarin chinese is the no. 1 language on the planet are right now. sint useful on some level to teach children this language. >> i don't have a problem with the language itself. it's the way that it's being presented by the institute that leaves questions. >>reporter: heated debate and some say a dilemma. program that presents children with a wonderful opportunity l but is it worth the trade off? >> by the way the institute has programs in san francisco state university and sanford and san diego state university and ucl ucla. >> if you plan to take kids out for trick-or-treat thanksgiving halloween listen to this. best city in the country for serious
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candy seeker is san francisco. that's according to the real estate web site sill they break it counsel by neighborhood. presidio height. sea cliff. tv lake street. san jose no. 5 on the list. rose garden, willow glen, santa teresa and evergreen valley great trick-or-treating neighborhood. they look for areas that provide the most candy with least walking and safety risk to the children. interesting. >> well it is the stuff of spy fiction to be sure. up next the danish agent croasia blonde and the cia mr. to get a terrorist. >> plus the man with the backpack here is the latest nobel prize winner. stanford nobel prize winner. stanford professor known
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>> cia paid a spy to play match maker for al qaeda an war until a failed fwoyd assassinate him. he was yemen cleric born in the united states killed in a drone strike remember last year. now abc news says c ci:recruited this man. a danish muslim as double agent. storm was close to the man and he asked storm to find him a european woman to be his third wife. here's video of him and the bride talking by video. the. >> this recording is done specifically for fichlt she's 32-year-old croasia woman. cia asked storm to give her a suitcase with tracking did he
9:41 pm
stris u.s. air force drone could strike and hit them and kill assassinate him. plot foiled when the woman ditched the suitcase apparently. amaze jooing for the second time in two week nobel prize has been awarded to stanford professor this morning it was the nobel for economic and it went to alvin roth whose work focuses on finding compatible matches in education and medicine. business technology reporter david louie has the story from stanford. >> unexpect. we didn't reach the phone in time but they called back. >>reporter: news of the middle of the night call from sweden led to standing ovation from colleagues and the champagne toast from graduate students. professor roth was hailed for his work developing mathematical algorithm to make choices easier. google uses them to predict what you are searching for these have helped school district assign students to schools and match live kidney donor to patients.
9:42 pm
>> so if you are in compatible you can't give a kidney to the patient you love but healthy enough to give a kidney could you give to it someone else's patient and your patient could get a kidney from the donor and that's an exchange. >>reporter: he does 40 to 50 liver transplants a year brought algorithm to stanford medical center 4 years ago and credit dr. roth of increasing patients of finding donor. >> thousands have been used using algorithm like this. these are transplant of patients that are difficult to transplant because they are incompatible with the donor and once they get trans planted with living donor they come off deceased donor list and not compete with other people for the deceased owner. >>reporter: he claims he has no plans how he will spend the 1.2 million dollar prize he shares with co-winner lloyd retired ucla economist. stanford klaeing praise him for daevling system that touches real lives. >> amazing body of work
9:43 pm
universally respected by economist for the way that economic theory can be brought to bear on real world problem. >>reporter: you might be than the entered this statistics. stanford beats cal in the number of nobel prize winners. current score is stanford 28, cal 22. at stanford, abc 7 news. it isn't just donor students that benefit from dr. dr. roth algorithm. also used in speed dating and finding the perfect mate. well behind the sky dive. coming up here. fearless felix and his amazing jump from spac space. did you see this? you are going hear him describe what he went through including the moment he went into that the moment he went into that death spin. stay
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see in san bruno base youtube said yesterday record sky dive by australian adventurer was the most viewed live stream ever. more than 8 million people watched felix baumgarner set the record for the highest sky dive in history at more than 128,000 feet above the earth surface. he also became the first person ever to break the sound barrier without a vehicle. here's ryan owens. >> i thought app angel would take care of you. >>reporter: fearless felix when he dove from the edge of space 24 miles up it was like swimming without ever touching the water. >> when i was standing there on top of the world you become so humble. you can not think about breaking records any more. the only thing that you want is you want to come back alive. >>reporter: baumgarner falling at 833 miles an hour. faster than a fighter jet. fast enough to break the sound barrier. although he didn't
9:48 pm
hear that moment inside his suit. then 35 seconds into the plunge at nearly 100,000 feet above earth a moment of crisis. felix started to spin. it was one of his team worst fear. death spiral that could leaf him unconscious unable to deploy the parachute. when you were in the death spin you must have been afraid. >> i was. in that situation and timent springs you around like hell and you do not know if you can get out of the spin or not. >>reporter: 40 seconds later he stopped spinning by bringing his arms closer to his body just like he practiced a million times before. the 43-year-old man had another secret weapon. the steel calm voice of a man who had been there. 84-year-old retired air force colonel joe held the record for the highest free fall for 52 years. that's him hurdling to earth back then.
9:49 pm
sunday he talked felix through breaking his own record. >> okay here we go. >> you must know your voice in his ear was some comfort. >> i hope so. that's what i was there. to help him accomplish the task. >> and felix set the new world record holder. >>reporter: abc news, new mexico. that was great moment on the ground triumphant. incredible thank goodness he survived. >> yes is that spencer here. not a big fan of heights. >> not at all. feet firmly mrantd on the studio form. look at the weather conditions for tomorrow. sunny warm. quite a warming trend. again tomorrow little evidence of any coastal fog. high pressure ranging from mid upper 60's on the coast to mid upper 80's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast wednesday and thursday inland high will hit or exceed 90 degrees. mid upper 80's around the basement mid upper 70's on the coast. cool down gradually approach the weekend by
9:50 pm
thursday is forty-niner home game against the seattle seahawks. baseball weather. >> over on abc 7 we show the game. >> that's right. >> thanks very much. quickly, 2 lanes now open on highway 101 south of san francisco. there was paying accident involving several vehicle but traffic inching along. >> larry here. lots folks in traffic got stuck leaving the game but they left happy. >> they did. giants got the win they needed. but within is a win really a loss. giants national league championship series. did they just lose one of the best players, though? of the best players, though? marco.
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>> coming up tonight at 11. search for experimental aircraft we told you about this at the top of the broadcast. what aviation authorities are doing to try to locate the plane. we update you. >> and mate like this. growing older feeling younger. how 70 has become the new 30. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry here with all
9:54 pm
the sports. great game but as you suggest it comes at a pric price. >> we have to see what the situation is with mark o. a lot of drama in game 2 of the championship series. cardinal holiday takes out mark o. comes back. delivers the big base hit of the night but then leaves the game. giants did tie the series up but for how long will they lose mark o. don't know. fans pumped up ready for game 2 with the cardinals. controversy in the very 1st inning. holiday the former athletic clearly slides way late into second twice take out marco who injured the hip but stayed in the game. lead off homer off carpenter entered the game with a ten and two record. 4th inning. crawford. high chopper. carpenter throw to first. off line. error allows bell to score and giants ahead 2-1. still in the fourth. single with base loaded. miss plays it. error clear the bases giants up 5-1.
9:55 pm
couple of costly errors in the game. first giants pitcher of the post season to last past the 6th inning. goes 7th inning. giants pad the lead in the eighth. marco replacement ryan single with bases loaded 2 more score. giants win game 2 7-1 at the finals. even the series at game a piece. live now to mike with the post game interviews and what is the latest on marco and his condition at this point? what do we know? >>reporter: well, he walked out before the game was over and he did he wasn't limping. apparently he has an mri. wait to go see the results on that tomorrow. i immanuel he's soar no matter what but the way he walked outlooked like he could be back for game 3. this is a typical giants victory. starting pitching. timely hitting. and of course sets the tone by angel and the lead off hit. l. >> definitely. early in the ball game like that definitely
9:56 pm
sets a tone for my team to keep the line moving and pitching staff confident. >> lumber came out of the slumber and angel led it off. picked up from there. >> it was a huge game for us. great job testifies all around well played game. i think give miscellaneous memorandum item going in their place. >> good example of everybody pitching in and doing their part. we needed the big one and came through when we needed it. >> something clicked mechanically and threes really all i can tell you. just threw a pitch and that's it right there that's how i want to fee feel. and. >>reporter: all right. back to st. louis tied 1-1 as opposed to o and two as you know more coming up tonight at 11:00. live at at&t park, 7 sports. >> thanks. series now moves to
9:57 pm
st. louis busch stadium for game 3 on wednesday. 1:07:00 p.m. first pitch here on the west coast. afternoon baseball mat cain versus kyle lowe 49ers blasted by the new york giants yesterday leading to yet another round of question about quarterback smith and dreaded game manager label. smith threw 3 pick. giants handed the niners the worst loss of the harbaugh era. 26-3. smith shakey outing coupled with more rep led to more question about his whether smith should be the starting quarterback. there is no doubt in the mind of harbaugh. >> we just use have been using the column as aed wop. we feel like we are getting plenty of everything there alex smith. we are good there. >> get to a point where you have to make or break point there and you have to force some balls and throw some ball balls. tough to figure out engage that. l.
9:58 pm
>>reporter: raiders weren't expected to do much in atlanta. almost upset the only team left in the league. falcons pull out a twin. raiders tie the game on touch down with 40 seconds left. too much time to give the falcons, raiders went to defense mowed and ryan dink and dunk a couple passes of. 55 yarder for the win and rai raiders are 1 in 4. >> i think we proved it we are capable of playing with the best teams in the league. now what we got to learn how to do is learn how to finish and win those type of games. that's what our job is. this ace production business and it's about winning and losing and we weren't able to get it done yesterday. >> close. finish up on holiday and fly he looked afterwards and said i wish i slid earlier. it was too late. >> he didn't mean to. >> just aggressive play. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 for all of us her
9:59 pm
here, thanks for watching. here, thanks for watching. appreciate your ti (lighter flicks) (water pipe bubbling) (frank coughs) ooh!
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